What is to be Done?

Among those who pay attention, it is widely accepted that something is wrong, very wrong with American politics. But unease acknowledged, what is to be done? Donald J. Devine's America's Way Back offers some answers, lots of them. It is a serious book jam-packed with statistical detail and philosophical discussions. Devine began his career as a political scientist at the University of Maryland (College Park), even gaining tenure before moving on to the "real" world. There he served as an advisor to President Reagan, then headed up the U.S. Office of Personnel Management under Reagan (eliminating some 100,000 non-defense bureaucrats), moved on to the vice-chairmanship of the Conservative Union and now serves as a senior scholar at the Fund for American Studies. A better résumé for diagnosing and (hopefully) curing the ills of American politics is hard to imagine. Devine is not shy about what ails us. The book's first paragraph identifies the culprits: economic stagnation,...(Read Full Article)