California Proposes Double-Standard Favoring Government Child-Molesters

Liberals tirelessly push to establish two classes in America -- not rich and poor, but government and governed. The latest example of this is SB 131 in California, which is supposed to help children who were sexually molested but which is actually, or at least appears to be, a payoff to the trial lawyers of California. The bill would enact yet another retrospective repeal of the statute of limitations for lawsuits against organizations that employed molesters.  While that might seem to be a good idea, there are a two major problems. The first is that when someone is accused of having molesting a child 30 or 40 years ago, it's nearly impossible to find witnesses or any sort of evidence.  But because of the natural sympathy people have for children who have been raped, civil suits, where the only evidence is the accuser's word, have a good chance of resulting in a lucrative settlement due to an organization's desire to avoid bad publicity It's well-known that some unscrupulous...(Read Full Article)