Blackness Trumps Fairness

While George Zimmerman has been acquitted, his troubles are hardly behind him. It's not just that no small number of thugs want his head on a platter, but that the baddest of them all is the highest law-enforcement official in the land. The question of whether Eric Holder's Department of Justice will file a civil-rights-violation suit against Zimmerman is especially salient now. This is because of his acquittal, of course, but also because it must be considered against the backdrop of an open investigation that the department's Civil Rights Division currently has of him. An investigation that was proceeding even before Zimmerman's trial was concluded. This brings us to the important point that the DOJ has a conflict of interest in the case -- a conflict of emotional interest. It's a shamefully intense one, too. Consider this: "Right now, hanging on the door of a federal employee's office in the Department of Justice Voting Section is a sign expressing racial solidarity with Trayvon...(Read Full Article)