How Liberals Corrode Society

In the girl section of the Wall Street Journal last weekend Matt Ridley had an article on nice vs. nasty, cooperation vs. competition. Researchers have found, he writes, that families that stay together cooperate better than families that are far apart. This is not the first work to find mathematical evidence that there are conditions under which cooperative behavior drives out selfish behavior... So long as there is little geographic mobility, clusters of networked kin and friends develop, putting an advantage on being nice. Who knew? The knock on the modern era is that, what with rampant individualism and people migrating to the ends of the earth, little remains of good old family bonding and the village community in which people used to cooperate so well. As community broke down, they tell us, and got replaced by homo economicus, the universe of cooperative behavior collapsed. Thus we needed socialists and their revolution or liberals and their big government programs to curb the...(Read Full Article)