Hands Off Jihadists, Arrest Patriots

The FBI has a double standard when it targets people suspected as threats to our national security.  How could they have questioned the now deceased Boston bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, placed him on a terrorist watch list, and entered him into a database for suspected international terrorists, but let him roam free until he blew somebody up? How could the FBI have allowed Major Nidal Hasan, who ended up murdering 13 people in Ft. Hood, Texas, to keep his rank and continue to teach even when they had evidence that he was in contact with a known terrorist?  And how could they have cuffed and thrown into jail with lightning speed a patriot like ex-Marine Brandon Raub of Chesterfield, Virginia, whose only apparent violation was political incorrectness through his right to free speech? Why does America's justice system treat alleged radical criminals with kid gloves while patriots are guilty until proven innocent? When two FBI agents showed up on ex-Marine Brandon Raub's...(Read Full Article)