The GOP's $10M Could Fund Long-Suffering Under-Funded Black Conservative Outreaches

All over TV, Democrat pundits along with the MSM are laughing their derrieres off and putting a negative spin on the Republicans announcing that they will spend 10 million dollars on minority outreach.  Usual suspect Al Sharpton said in reference to the GOP outreach, "Money can't buy us." Republicans believe the left's spin that they lost the presidential election because they are the party of old white guys and stuffy goody-two-shoes values.  In keeping with their characteristic bigotry of low expectations, the left advised the GOP to lower the bar to attract minorities, making the party more inclusive.  As a black person, I find this offensive.  And we all know that the left wants to help the GOP win new voters. Unfortunately, it looks like the GOP is going to soften its stand on key issues.  Rather than applauding the GOP for taking their advice, people on the left are poking fun, calling the GOP outreach a joke. While I strongly disagree with...(Read Full Article)