Real Bullies: The Homosexuality Is Normal Movement

Think of us as crew members on the starship Enterprise of the Star Trek TV show, boldly going where no one has gone before. Folks, this is what it feels like challenging the Homosexuality Is Normal Movement.  It is extremely dangerous. Homosexual activists attempt to humiliate and politically destroy anyone who dares even criticize their agenda.  Meanwhile, the MSM (mainstream media) casts us who believe marriage should remain between one man and one woman as the aggressors, as hate-filled villains. Have the Homosexuality Is Normal Movement stolen our kids?  Despicably, while we were not looking, homosexual activists sneaked their agenda in the back doors of our elementary schools, indoctrinating our kids early.  Unquestionably, lack of access to your child for indoctrination contributes to the Left's hatred for home schools and their relentless attempts to close them down. Here is another example of homosexual activists' in-your-face, aggressive...(Read Full Article)