Chatting about Gays at Gleason's

My old friend visits me at Gleason's Gym.  I've known Kenny for forty-seven years -- longer than I've known my wife.  Back in the sixties we used to go to clubs together and hang out with the Warhol crowd at Max's Kansas City.  We've stayed friends as he became a Hollywood screenwriter and I became a big businessman, later a jailbird and a boxing coach.  He's now an academic.  He is liberal, and I am conservative.  We don't care; Obama hasn't infected us with his extreme divisiveness.  Well, a little, but not much. Ken says, "You're not really right-wing, are you?  You believe in gay marriage, right?" "No," I say.  "We don't have to redefine marriage just to please the gays." "They have rights." "Look, the whole gay thing makes me uncomfortable.  My whole life, my sex drive has been a hunger, a pre-eminent interest.  Do you think that I should just accept an aberration casually, like trying on...(Read Full Article)