The Bizzaro World of Liberal 'Science'

Generally speaking, liberals in America espouse the belief that science is great and that it endorses liberalism. They also attempt to cast conservatives as ignorant savages whose beliefs are similar to Cro-Magnon pagans. The reality is that when it comes to science it is liberals who live in a bizarro world. Let's look at a few examples. Science has conclusively demonstrated that at conception a new human being with uniquely human DNA is formed. At conception, the entire biological identity of a person is established -- their gender, their hair color, their skin tone, etc. Yet liberals constantly refer to the unborn as "blobs of tissue" or "a part of the woman's body". The latter statement is also directly refuted by science. Modern medical science has discovered that one of the key reasons for the umbilical cord is to ensure that the mother's immune system can't get to her unborn daughter. At the most fundamental biological level the mother's immune system, which decides what is...(Read Full Article)