The Killing Exception

Does anyone think that people whose faith tells them that all types of killing are wrong should be forced to bear arms in the U.S. military? Why, then, do liberals who most strongly favor conscientious objector status, both back in the days when the draft was in force and more recently in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, have no problem with forcing Catholics to pay for abortion-inducing drugs?  Can anyone with a straight face really say that being put in a situation where you might have to defend yourself by killing someone who is trying to kill you is morally worse than making you pay to kill an innocent unborn child?  In reality, both violate our First Amendment rights. America's support for conscientious objectors is a clear sign of how important Americans hold faith.  Even though the vast majority of religious Americans agree with the need to defend their country by force, they respect their fellow citizens who feel called by God to eschew any form of...(Read Full Article)