Fast and Furious Embodies Corruption at Highest Levels

After government-trafficked guns were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010, higher-ups all the way to the White House started scrambling to cover their tracks.  The gun-walking program known as Operation Fast and Furious came to a head two years later on June 20, 2012, when the House voted to hold the United States attorney general in contempt for lying to Congress. The same day of the House vote, the president himself publicly stepped into the fray.  Obama invoked executive privilege in order to prevent long-awaited subpoenaed documents from seeing the light of day.  Not surprisingly, the state-run media downplayed Obama's official entrance into the Fast and Furious scandal.   Now, after a 17-month-long investigation, the inspector general for the DOJ is releasing his findings.  And another hearing has been scheduled for September 20 (the third time it has been rescheduled), with the IG appearing...(Read Full Article)