Education: I Did It My Way

Self-loving Obama tells the people that we need more money for education.  He doesn't consider that any positive results of this won't kick in for years and that we are currently sixteen trillion dollars in debt.  Blowing money on schools is always a crowd-pleaser, except when the impoverished public wakes up and realizes that our educational system has failed and that it is sucking up money from our destitute country like an adolescent sponge. The problem is not so much the failed educational system.  The problem is that the family structure has broken down.  The students walk to school with knapsacks of home-failure before they even arrive.  It's easier to play with a computer or watch television.  Many students have a single mom, and a few are confronting the undiagnosed problem of same-sex parents.  Anything goes in this society, and so education goes along with it. When I was sixteen, my parents moved me from East Meadow to Great Neck because...(Read Full Article)