Can One Be Truly Black and Patriotic?

Famed TV minster Bishop T. D. Jakes said that when your "perception is off," you do not realize or appreciate the true value of what you have until you have lost it.  Is it fair to say that, in general, black America's perception is off regarding their country, which is, in reality, a tremendous gift from God? Some may think me insane for suggesting that it was a blessing for my ancestors to be betrayed by fellow blacks, sold to white slave traders, separated from their families, and shipped to a strange land to be slaves.  But please, hear me out. Interestingly, black America's journey to fulfill their destiny parallels that of Joseph in the Bible.  Joseph was betrayed by his brothers, separated from everything he held dear, sold into slavery, and taken to a strange land.  While the Bible says Joseph had great favor with God, Joseph suffered greatly, including spending 13 years in prison for a crime of which he was innocent. Through a series of divinely...(Read Full Article)