Tennis And Politics

I'm meeting with my little tennis group at Sutton East in Manhattan.  About fifteen years ago when we formed, our group was mostly middle aged.  People came and went and now our foursome consists of Jack (90 years old), Ben Gitlow (89 years old) and Jack's wife Eve (late seventies).  We have a couple of other members in their fifties and seventies who are not here today.  I'm almost sixty-five. I used to be ranked in the top thirty in the East Coast but now I'm not so competitive and I love playing with these old codgers.  Somehow all the young people disappeared from our group. I have to admit that none of them can run well except Eve, but all have good hand-eye coordination and can hit anything that comes near them. Eve and Jack are extreme liberals, taught college and sympathize with socialism/communism.  I like them despite their naïve, well-intentioned humanism. Before the game Ben Gitlow and I step off to the side and chat. Eve and Jack step out...(Read Full Article)