U.S. Schools under Attack as Secretary of Education's Brain Hacked

Years ago when I began researching American education I suspected that at least some of our woes were the machinations of foreign enemies. My reasoning resembles what some Muslims said after 9-11: the Mossad must have organized the attack since Arabs lacked the competence to pull off such a spectacular success.  In other words, the ongoing destruction of America's educational system is too well conceived, too devious to be the work of our own barely competent education "experts." There must be some higher intelligence guiding this subversion. This paranoia was confirmed by a recent Washington Post story about how the Department of Education uncovered racial disparities in school discipline, particularly police arrests and out-of-school suspensions. According to one recounted study of 50,000 students, blacks comprised 24% of enrollments but were 35% of arrests (disparities were smaller for Hispanics). This pattern is of course ancient news and closely mirrors adult crime data. The...(Read Full Article)