Sebelius Spills the Beans

Liberals accuse conservatives of using secret signals that only conservatives can hear -- dog whistles -- to send racist messages.  These accusations are in reality a reflection of what liberals think rather than accurate assessments of what conservatives are saying, like the pimpled teen who thinks that nearly everything is a dirty joke.  Liberals, on the other hand, constantly have to hide what they believe in order to get votes -- getting rid of blacks by making abortion easily available in minority neighborhoods and advocating socialism are not winning campaign positions these days.  That's why almost every liberal runs for re-election as a conservative.  Fortunately, liberals are sufficiently un-self-aware as to let their true beliefs show through their verbiage on occasion -- an unconscious dog whistle, if you will. Secretary Sebelius has stated that providing free contraception would reduce overall insurance costs because there would be fewer people for the...(Read Full Article)