No-Labels Movement: Another Liberal Trick

After twenty years of mentoring athletic children, my brother is not coaching a little league football team this year.  He said things have changed.  He ranted, "The kids run the show.  They do not fear or respect anyone.  Parents cuss you out or worse for verbally disciplining their child.  Some teams have banned keeping score, and every kid gets a trophy -- pure politically correct namby-pamby feel-good garbage." Powerful life lessons are learned through experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  I still remember my little-league baseball championship game.  We led 15 to 2 in the third inning.  Coach told us to slack off a bit as not to humiliate our opponents.  We lost that game. If Eric had cleanly thrown the ball to me at second base, I would have completed the rally-ending double-play.  I dropped the ball, but it wasn't my fault.  Honest!  However, I learned to never slack off.  Pursue to...(Read Full Article)