Bill Ayers' Semi-Fictional Black Surrogates

In this much ballyhooed season of "vetting," please allow me to zero in anew on Barack Obama's Achilles heel -- namely, his willingness to take credit for a book that he did not write in any meaningful way.  This would be the book on which his genius myth is founded: his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father. From early on, I have argued that terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers, a skilled writer and editor, is the primary craftsman behind Dreams.  Thanks to the video interview of mailman Allen Hulton by WND's Jerome Corsi, we have a clearer picture of why Ayers would have invested so much time in this project and how he might have been reimbursed. Say what one will about the sanity of Ayers' educational philosophy, there is no denying his sincerity.  He has been plugging away at educational reform his entire adult life.  Dreams, I will argue, gave him the opportunity to address the one great obstacle to the reform of Chicago schools -- namely, an obstructionist black...(Read Full Article)