How To Win Power by Selling Out Your Own Union

From an historian's point of view, one could do worse than studying the United Mine Workers of America.  It is a microcosm of the American Labor Movement.   It is a startling picture of the role of individuals in the making of American history.  It is the story of how a once powerful institution's leaders repeatedly sold out its members as the nation drifted from large  scale industrial production of power and goods to being a producer of private and public services . Finally, not least, it is a story of breathtaking betrayal of working men by a man who used them as a stepping stone to greater personal power and to influence with an administration which time will prove the epitome of crony capitalism in the U.S. I have some intimate personal experience with the UMWA having represented  Joseph A. Yablonski ("Jock Yablonski") in his bid for the presidency of the Union in the late 1960's  and his successor Miners for Democracy, the reform group which...(Read Full Article)