Scenes of the Occupation

I like to think I'm as avaricious as the next person, so when I read that $1 million in stimulus funds had been given out to the author of an online soap opera called "Diary of a Single Mom," every greedy bone in my body started tingling like Chris Matthews' leg used to at the sight of Barack Obama. I realize some cynics might argue that this largesse was like Solyndra and countless other stimulus boondoggles -- in this case, a means to pay off a friendly TV producer and actor, but I still have hope and faith in the honesty of this administration and its transparency, so I'm plowing ahead with my plan to get the Department of Commerce to underwrite my own online production of " Scenes of the Occupation." I'm certain that my political affiliation and that of the performers and the nature of the work will not prejudice my chances for a grant one bit. The story's about Buffy, a tanning studio worker who loses her position as a result of the administration tax on tanning operations. She's...(Read Full Article)