Even Before Fast and Furious, They Had Guns on Their Minds

What Obama administration officials, including the president, knew or didn't know about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives' 2009 Operation Fast and Furious has little to do with what they should have known. Attorney General Holder, Secretary Clinton, President Obama, and Secretary Napolitano each declared that he or she did not know about Fast and Furious until 2011.  But what should they have known about a federal program that eventually led to mass murder? In a 1999 web article on leadership, writer and attorney Jonathan Wallace examined the question of when to hold those in power accountable.  He begins with a two-part question: "did he know or should he have known?"  The first approach holds a leader responsible for giving the order, or being aware of an intended action and failing to stop it. The second blames him for failing to ask the right questions or to set the right standards for the organization. Lawyers call the first...(Read Full Article)