Politically, Steve Jobs Was Pure Microsoft

The recently deceased Apple honcho Steve Jobs had a Manichean take on the digital marketplace.  As he saw it, Apple -- with its closed systems; its elegant simplicity; and its organic, innovative thoroughly integrated hardware and software -- reflected the good, spiritual world of the light.  On the dark, material side of the digital divide -- with its open operating systems, all promiscuously licensed, and its imitative, inorganic content and applications -- loomed Microsoft. The Steve Jobs whom the reader meets in Walter Isaacson's masterful new biography of the same name sought to impose the Apple ethos on those external systems he could control -- his own health care regimen, for instance -- and lamented its absence in those systems he could not. The one glaring exception to this rule was politics.  As a political philosopher, Steve Jobs was pure Microsoft.  He entertained at any one time a jumble of opinions that had not a whit of innovation or integration...(Read Full Article)