Killing For Organs

There is little doubt that successful organ transplants make miracles out of miserable lives. Quality of life increases and patients are able to return to a fairly normal life. A parent survives to see kids get married. A child is gifted with a bright disease-free future. A sibling receives an organ from a brother or a sister. When it all works properly the feel-good stories are hard to miss. However, there are many other stories that end in loss as significant numbers of people on donor lists die before a match is found or before they have moved up the list enough to be considered. It's a simple case of supply and demand, and in the case of organ donation demand outstrips supply across the world.  Fretting bioethicists and the wider medical community all tell the same tale: That people are dying while waiting for organs. Supply is severely limited. A greater organ supply would inevitably mean that many premature deaths could be avoided and that many more lives could be saved. At...(Read Full Article)