The Heartland Never 'Overrated' Obama

Some years back, before I abandoned my senses and became a conspiracy theorist, I used to contribute the occasional article to the Weekly Standard. Launched in 1995 by Rupert Murdoch, and edited ever since by William Kristol and Fred Barnes, the Weekly Standard is arguably America's best-written and most influential conservative publication. The cover story of the October 10 issue -- "Overrated" by Naomi Emery -- testifies to the publication's quality.  It is a thoughtful analysis of Barack Obama's rise and decline and was widely distributed on the internet.  Like so many of her peers in the respectable conservative media, however, Emery has a blind spot.  She still fails to see Obama for the intellectual lightweight he is.  That failure led to his being overrated, and consequently elected, in the first place -- and, if uncorrected, it could lead to his reelection. In assessing how the media initially misjudged Obama, Emery writes, "His record was thin --...(Read Full Article)