Does Romney Truly Embrace Tea Party Principles?

I preface my following statements regarding Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by enthusiastically saying, "ABO -- Anybody But Obama."  Any Republican is a thousand times better for America than Obama.  Obama is a mean-spirited, divisive man willing to sacrifice national black-white race relations to further his anti-America, socialistic, some say communist agenda.  (Gee, Lloyd, how do you really feel?) Thus, if Romney wins the Republican nomination, you will hear me singing his praises: "Mitt Romney, he's our man.  If Mitt can't do it, no one can!  GOOOOO ROMNEY!" Now that I have that out of the way, here is what happened at our Tea Party Express V national bus tour rally in Romney country -- that is, Concord, NH. Mitt Romney was the featured presidential candidate at that particular rally.  The majority of the audience were Romney supporters, as evidenced by the sea of t-shirts bearing his name. Our Tea Party Express team began the...(Read Full Article)