School Reform In the Wrong Hands

There's more bad news coming out of the DC Public Schools this week.  Already under investigation for a major cheating scandal beginning in 2008, the DC Comprehensive Assessment System reported a double-digit plunge in math and reading scores for the 2011 school year.  Some of the same schools that were flagged for a high number of erasures on standardized tests from 2008-2010 showed the sharpest decreases. At Noyes Education Campus in Northeast Washington, the pass rate in reading dropped more than 25 percentage points, to 32 percent, and the pass rate in math dropped more than 20 points, to 28 percent. Noyes was one of three schools for which some 2010 scores were invalidated in May after an investigation found evidence or strong suspicion of cheating. In July DC Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson fired 206 teachers who received poor ratings based on the controversial evaluation tool IMPACT which she helped develop with Michelle Rhee.  Henderson could not be reached...(Read Full Article)