Rime of the Ancient Democrat

I think sentient Democrats are watching their party's chances in 2012 slip away, and had they not made such a big deal of claiming all opposition to  Obama was racist in motivation and effect (see, e.g., this)  , they would now be urging him to quit and seeking a  new contender for his office.  Like Coleridge's ancient Mariner, however, they can only stand on deck with that albatross around their neck watching both the White House and the Senate slip from their grasp just as did so many state governorships and the House of Representatives. In the meantime the Ship of State runs  aground on the shoals of  incompetence,  corruption and laughable idiocy. Let's start with NASA. Once upon a time this organization flew men and women into space.  They no longer do.  While I suppose there still are capable scientists and managers in the agency as its mission becomes  far less significant than once it was, the head of the operation, selected by...(Read Full Article)