The Budget Talks: Edge of the Rim of the Cusp

I cannot imagine a more perilous undertaking than predicting the outcome of the debt limit increase  negotiations still underway as I write this. To those who just prefer to ignore politics and blame both sides, that's all they'll take away from this prolonged battle as the eleventh hour draws near: Some  uninformed, cynical  notion that it's a pity they can't just get along accompanied by  tut tuts about how impotent Washington is  and childish the principals are. I don't see it that way. This fight is long overdue in a nation which has been ideologically rather evenly divided for some time and is just now awakening to the reality that the baby cannot be split in half.  There needs to be some tough principled action taken if we are to avoid crashing on the shoals.  The shift to a more reality based budget quite naturally will meet with opposition by those who are utterly innumerate and who want to keep buying votes by handing out taxpayers'...(Read Full Article)