The Flasher and the Journalist Flash Mobs

I was hoping to avoid discussing the Weiner situation, my inclination being to avoid listening or reading any information at all about other people's sex lives, preferring  (as someone whose name I've forgotten said) to just assume everyone has an incredibly rich and fulfilling one. Why ruin that fantasy by reading puerile mash notes and looking at adolescent type pudenda shots, even if they are of political figures? Weiner didn't let me ignore this nonsense. He continued this sad tale for another week.  The longer this goes on the more media stars he's taking down with him. Salon's editor, Joan Walsh, probably was the most severely wounded of the Weiner journo Special Forces.  She stood at the ramparts and fired away at his detractors long after smarter folks ducked for cover. (You may remember Joan. She made an issue of how stupid G W Bush is and was mortified to learn that the two of them had identical SAT scores.) I don't think he is stupid, but she finally...(Read Full Article)