A Patriot's Wedding

Folks, this has nothing to do with politics, but I feel compelled to share it with you.  Mary and I attended a wonderful wedding.  A friend of mine of thirty years lost his wife to cancer.  After his devastating loss, God blessed him with meeting a lovely lady.  They fell in love, decided to marry, and he asked me to be his best man.Like many Americans, the Obama economy has wrought havoc on my friend, the groom's, finances.  The wedding was modest, and yet, elegant and creative.  The ceremony took place in the exquisite garden of a 100 year old hotel.  The reception was inside the hotel's historic charming dining room. Interestingly, while it was not a big budget "blowout" wedding, it was one of the most, if not the most, lovely I have ever attended; happy, fun, and upbeat.  I think the magic ingredient was "love"; not love the emotion.  I am talking about love the attitude. It was obvious the wedding couple's thirty or...(Read Full Article)