Will It Take A New Political Party to Save America?

It is painful to even consider the possibility that America is moving into its Sixth Party System, as a new, conservative political party emerges to, eventually, replace the Grand Old Party.  Yet events suggest this may be in the cards.We've seen third party candidates like Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, and, for those older among us, Strom Thurmond.  Earlier still, there was Teddy Roosevelt playing the Bull Moose.  But personality-based political movements have been short-lived anomalies, with marginal long-term impact on the body politic.  Today, conventional wisdom labels the notion that a third party can become a major long-term player as heretical, and does so with the acquiescent nod of the major parties that represent an oligarchy of two.  But viewed across a calendar covering centuries in America, the evolutionary ebb-and-flow of America's political history can be traced through a geologic-like time scale: First Party System, 1792-1825 (Federalists vs. the...(Read Full Article)