Trump, Moral Conservatism, and Political Conservatism

Donald Trump will announce before June whether he will run for the presidency as a Republican.  Whether I will endorse him in the primaries will depend upon whom he will be competing against.  Sadly, given the names that I have heard bandied about thus far, that endorsement is almost a foregone conclusion.  Personally, I don't particularly care for Trump.  I don't doubt that he loves his country and his family, but his unabashed extravagance coupled with the readiness with which he has exchanged one wife for another bespeak a narcissism notable for its comprehensiveness.  If ever there were an individual who seems to epitomize the crass, shallow man of business that earned Adam Smith's personal scorn, "the capitalist" who, as Marx said, revolves his every decision around "the cash nexus," Trump appears to be it.  And when to these considerations we add the fact that, in spite of having been even more financially supportive of...(Read Full Article)