What Would Sherman Say?

I'm concerned that conservatives are expecting too much too soon from their Republican heroes.  Radio hosts like Hugh Hewitt are flogging the House Republicans to stop ninnying around with continuing resolutions.  People are starting to complain that Speaker Boehner is a disappointment.  Meanwhile we have The New York Times encouraging the unions in Wisconsin to stick to their guns, er, protests.It seems that everyone is encouraging their side to get in the other side's face.  But my question is: What would Sherman say?Nobody could think that Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, he of the march through Georgia, could possibly be considered a wimp.  But in the years leading up the Civil War he was a decided moderate.  On the one hand, believed that slavery was an obsolete social model that would wither and die on its own.  In 1856 he wrote that "unless people, both North and South, learn moderation, we'll see sights in the way of a civil war.  By...(Read Full Article)