Ishtar II: The Audacity of the Artless War

If you've ever eaten out in Los Angeles you know everyone waiting on you is just auditioning for a part or angling for someone to read his screenplay.  My grand daughter whom I was visiting was hungry, and we stopped at the nearby In-N-Out for a carry out order of burgers and fries. It was the last place I expected to see this sort of thing but as we were exiting the drive-in a   guy at the carry out window tossed what appeared to be a script into our car.It landed in the fries so unfortunately by the time I got to read it at home, oil stains made parts of it unreadable, still, it seemed to have promise. If you have Elaine May's address, anyone, I'd be glad to forward it to her. It starts out with the American Ambassador to the UN, the Secretary of State and the President singing in some third rate boite in New Jersey:Telling the truth can be dangerous business. Honest and popular don't go hand ‘n' hand. If you admit that you can play the accordion, no one will...(Read Full Article)