Clarice's Pieces: The Incredible Shrinking President

From the beginning of the week to the end, the president made crystal-clear to anyone who paid attention that he was over his head in this position and that he was startlingly disengaged in all but the most trivial of ceremonial matters.Obama's agents hammered out a proposed tax deal in which he seemed to play no significant role and which totally undercut his promise to end tax cuts for the rich.  That redistributive, economically ridiculous position is one of the few things on which he has not heretofore been a slippery, tilting-at-straw-men con man.  It is perfectly consistent with some 1930s view of capitalism in which there are starving, dispossessed Okies at one end of the economic spectrum and top-hatted, morning-coated fat plutocrats on the other. Still, since all of Obama's other tricks to jolt the economy and cease its free-fall have failed, someone (possibly Larry Summers) apparently caught his ear and suggested to this economic illiterate that ending the Bush tax...(Read Full Article)