Flawed Pew Poll on Religious Knowledge Falsely Flatters Atheists

Recently, the Pew Research Foundation took a poll on religious "knowledge." The media is spinning the results of this poll to say that atheists are more knowledgeable about religion than are those who profess to be religious.Before showing why the results of the poll don't support that conclusion, let's look at what the scores were. Atheists/agnostics correctly answered 20.9 of the 32 questions. Jews correctly answered 20.5 questions. For some reason, Protestants and Catholics were broken out by race, while atheists/agnostics weren't. In any case, Catholics averaged 16 right answers, while Protestants averaged 17.6.The first thing to note is that the difference in the number of questions answered correctly is very small. Out of 32 questions covering many of the world's faiths, the difference between the atheists and the Christians is roughly 10%-13%. Not really that earth-shattering a difference.The real problem arises from the questions themselves. It turns out that the...(Read Full Article)