We Are the Ones Who'll Show You the Door

The citizen resistance to Obama's progressive agenda that quickened in the summer of 2009 will soon intersect with an electoral coda. On November 2, Democrats featured in the political ballet we've endured during the last two years will face the voters."The Obama Resistance Grows," Lee Cary, American Thinker, August 5, 2009. "Spontaneous, uncoordinated, passionate -- citizen resistance to Obama socialism grows by the day...Regardless of the decibel-level of the opposition to Obamacare and Cap & Tax that Congress hears back home, many will return to their Safe Zone inside the Capitol and vote against the wishes of their constituents. They are, after all, wiser and more knowledgeable in these matters than the voters. They may chose not to give us the government we want, but the government they think we should want. And would want, if we knew what was good for us. Such is the timeless arrogance of power. If that happens, stand-by. For the American resistance will...(Read Full Article)