The Selfishness of the Intentionally Childless

While liberals are constantly talking about government "investments," they neglect and even denigrate the single biggest investment of the American people: our children. According to the government, it takes roughly $222,000 to raise a child to age 17, and if you include college costs, this number can go up a lot.  Given that the population of the United States is roughly 300,000,000, that means that Americans with children will spend on the order of  $66 trillion to raise the next generation of Americans. That makes even Obama's porkulus project look small.Yet liberals constantly disparage large families, i.e. those with more than two children, and give no credit to the hardworking families who make their children their number-one priority. You'd think that liberals would like all the economic activity that parents engage in to raise their children.  Of course, in general, liberals tend to view children more as a problem than a blessing. Sure, they love their...(Read Full Article)