A Political Prisoner in Illinois?

A voice from inside Chicago's Cook County Jail claims that the Save A Life Foundation (SALF) story implicates both Democrat and Republican pols in Illinois.The American Thinker reported last July 26 that the now-defunct Chicago suburb-based "charity" failed to report to the Illinois Attorney General's office over $850,000 in grants received from Illinois and U.S. federal agencies. Earlier that month, I suggested elsewhere that a former SALF employee is jailed in Cook County for what she knows more than for what she's alleged to have done. Former SALF employee-turned-whistleblower Annabel Melongo was jailed last April because she uploaded recordings of a couple of benign phone conversations to her website. She was charged with eavesdropping and assigned a $500,000 bond, later reduced to $300,000 -- an unusually high bond for an eavesdropping charge.   Before her troubles began, Melongo worked for Robert Half International, one of the world's largest placement...(Read Full Article)