Race Roils Tea Party Movement

Who on earth could be calling me at 5:30 am? It was CNN. After apologizing for the early call, the producer, almost giddy with excitement, said that Tea Party spokesperson Mark Williams made "what some would call" a racist comment on his blog about the NAACP. As for me, CNN was requesting that I, being a black spokesperson for the Tea Party Movement, come on the air to address Mark's comment. I told the CNN producer that I had not read it. The response was, "I'll e-mail it to you. Please read it and call me back." After reading Mark's comment, I told my wife, "This is much ado about nothing. I am not going on the air allowing them to put me on the defensive defending Mark Williams." My beautiful, wonderful, and wise wife replied, "Do the interview, but do not defend Mark. Use this as an opportunity to defend the Tea Party Movement." It is truly unfortunate that some on our side are so easily put on the defensive. NAACP president Ben Jealous...(Read Full Article)