ObamaCare's Hot Water Treatment

Modern conservatism is the essence of moderation. Conservatives want to persuade the world to chart a course between two extremes. They join with the modernists in breaking the absolute power that family and tribe once had over people's lives. While conservatives value filial respect, they want sons and daughters to be able to defy their fathers and workers to eb able to defy the power of their occupational guilds.But conservatives join with traditionalists in exalting the "little platoons" of family, church, and voluntary association over rational national bureaucracies. That is why Berger and Neuhaus in To Empower People urge the development of "mediating" institutions between the individual and the "megastructures" of big government and big business.ObamaCare is a big step towards transforming health care into a rational national bureaucracy.  That is why conservatives oppose it.  And that is why the key procedural vote in the U.S. Senate on...(Read Full Article)