Glenn Beck, FOX's 'Rodeo Clown'

It may look like fun and games to the people in the stands, but this is serious business, and not just any clown can do it. (Anonymous comment on rodeo clowns)Much of what aggravates the Obama administration about FOX News is what Joe Biden would call a three-letter word: B-E-C-K.Beck calls himself a "rodeo clown." That fits. A rodeo clown distracts the bull's attention to defend rodeo riders at risk. Beck believes the nation is at risk and he's out to distract the raging bulls, or the progressives in power. In other cultures, matadors in tight pants use a red cape to taunt the bull into fatigue before the kill. Rodeo clowns face the bull wearing flexible, goofy-looking clothes and running shoes. When they succeed, they end up diving into the clown lounge. It's a heavy barrel of thick steel with a dense foam rubber lining inside. After the rodeo, they pound out dents made by the horns of one-ton head hunters (bulls that like chasing two-legged animals). Rodeo clowns look and...(Read Full Article)