The NFL's Diversity Problem

"I, myself, couldn't even consider voting for him," said Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay of accused thought criminal Rush Limbaugh. "As a nation, and as a world, we've got to watch our words and our thoughts.""Divisive comments are not what the the NFL is all about," agreed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. "I would not want to see those kind of comments from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL."Before these execs start doing their end zone dance about Limbaugh's exclusion from the NFL ownership club, they might want to address a major diversity scandal brewing in their own house.I refer here not to the exclusion of women from the NFL, although I could.  After all, fire departments have adjusted their testing standards to allow for the hiring of women despite the fact that fighting fires -- particularly the pulling of hose kneeling down and the rescue of incapacitated people -- puts as much a premium on upper body strength...(Read Full Article)