The Long March of Kevin Jennings

An Obama appointee has attracted unwelcome media attention, namely Kevin Jennings his erstwhile Czar for school safety. The triggering incident was that he once counseled a 15 year engaged in homosexual sex with an older man to wear a condom versus reporting the statutory rape to the police. Though this lapse is horrific enough, matters are far worse. To appoint Jennings to reduce school violence is, to exaggerate only slightly, the equivalent of making the town pyromaniac Fire Chief. He will unlikely reduce school crime; the opposite is more likely -- he will discover ever more "crime" and in the process help impose the gay agenda. For Jennings, battling crime means teaching youngsters that Alexander Hamilton was gay. Don't laugh -- you'll see.Let's start with school crime. Statistics are, admittedly, somewhat imprecise, but according to the Department of Justice, school crime has been dropping sharply since 1992. In 1992, for example, some 198,000 crimes on school grounds...(Read Full Article)