Does the Supreme Court Still Sit?

Once upon a time a newly elected President, supported by an adoring media, claimed powers beyond the Constitution, and the Supreme Court acted.Does that Court still sit? Some of us are asking ourselves that question these days. A week doesn't pass when some new federal infringement on the rights of a free society is enacted or promoted. Just recently, Obama's Pay Czar, Kenneth Feinberg, cut the salaries of twenty-five senior Wall Street executives. By what Constitutional authority does he do that? we ask.While the Democratic Party seems hell bent on socializing as many parts of the free market as possible, a defeated Republican Party offers tepid resistance under uninspiring leadership.  So we wonder: where's the Supreme Court today?   Franklin Delano Roosevelt could do no wrong in the honeymoon period after his election victory in 1932.  In a crisis management response to a genuine economic emergency -- a style being mimicked by the Obama administration in a less...(Read Full Article)