Revenge of the Golden Goose

As taxes increase, and inflation brings bracket creep, expect tax avoidance and outright tax cheating to soar in America. President Obama's "soak-the-rich" economic populism grows increasingly obvious and the initial promise of no tax increases for those earning less than $250,000 is clearly history. Soon-to-arrive inflation guarantees tax bracket creep so today's "middle-class" $200,000 a year family will soon earn a quarter of a million with no jump in spending power while mandatory health insurance enrollment, cap and trade induced higher energy costs, increased regulatory burdens, among other Obama policies, will be new de facto tax increases.Unfortunately, current debates over these hikes obscure a key fact for those uneasy with Obama's plans: the goose the lays the golden eggs will fight back, and though not a betting man, I'd bet on the goose. It is said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes but there is a third: tax avoidance -- and as Uncle...(Read Full Article)