A Toast to the White House Beer Summit

After the White House Rose Garden beer summit happened, and after evaluating the coverage, I am not unhappy that it took place. I think it's a net plus for the conservative cause. It distracted the media and deflected them from their usual fawning coverage of President Obama during a week that was critical to his defense of his universal health care plans. Most Americans think he made a mistake in how he handled the arrest of Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and these judgments are reportedly contributing to Obama's declining popularity. All to the good there.The beer summit also gave Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley access to a national platform. Listening to Crowley's focused post-beer summit meeting with the press, I kept thinking that someone is going to suggest to him that he run for office. He was that good. He's a natural -- a strong communicator, obviously a good guy, and a great representative of police officers (most of whom are dedicated public servants), and of fairness,...(Read Full Article)