US Patriotism vs. Liberal Solidarity

Just as we conservatives get ready to celebrate our patriotism on the Fourth of July, a liberal from a prominent family has been accused of spying for Cuba.  Write Mary Beth Sheridan and Del Quentin Wilber in The Washington Post about a retired State Department employee:What Walter Kendall Myers kept hidden, according to documents unsealed in court Friday, was a deep and long-standing anger toward his country, an anger that allegedly made him willing to spy for Cuba for three decades. Ho hum.  It's not as if this is the first time.Yet these days it is good old American patriotism that is always on the hot seat not the liberals fawning over Fidel Castro.In liberal-land the preferred feeling of belonging, of united action in a group, is not patriotism.  It is called solidarity.  But it is only allowed if you are acting in an approved liberal cause.  That's because solidarity gets defined as "uniting individuals in their response to particular situations of...(Read Full Article)