Fidel-ity: Three Decades of the Myers Spy Ring

Last week a Department of State retiree and his wife were arrested and charged with spying for Cuba for thirty years. In this article I will sort out what we know, don't know and need to explore about this matter.Walter Kendall Myers, Jr .and his wife Gwendolyn Steingarber MyersWalter Myers comes from one of the most distinguished lineages in Washington . D.C. His father was a well-known heart surgeon. His mother, the granddaughter of Alexander Graham Bell, was herself a Grosvenor, the family intimately associated with the National Geographic. Her obituary in 2005 reveals her to have been a woman who played an exceedingly prominent role in the life of this city, which at the time of Walter's birth until about three decades ago, was socially a smallish  city where such things mattered a great deal more than they do today.   Elsie Alexandra Carolyn Grosvenor Myers, 93, a volunteer and a founder of the National Presbyterian School, died of complications from pneumonia Dec....(Read Full Article)