The Difference Between Them and Us

As I walked through the tea party-goers in Seattle's Westlake Park last on Wednesday, April 15, I couldn't help noticing the difference between the people there assembled and the people you see on TV.We are talking about the kind of people you see on the news, on the prime-time shows, and in commercials.The people who had peaceably assembled to discuss a petition of the government for a redress of grievances were ordinary citizens, living their lives as mothers and fathers in families and businesses and churches.  People like us want limited government and we want liberty because we want to live our lives independent of the government and its force.But the people you see on TV are different.  They live, as Charles Taylor would say in his Secular Age, in the Age of Authenticity.   They are "expressive individualists."  Here is what he means.I mean the understanding of life which emerges with the Romantic expressivism of the late-eighteenth century,...(Read Full Article)